Cyclists in Suits


Every two years in Texas, we get a unique opportunity to talk about cycling with people who can make a difference.

Save the date, take the day off and take a road trip with a bunch of friends to Austin to participate in your democracy. You'll meet the people that represent you and, most importantly, let them know that you think more effort to accommodate bicycling is important for the future of your community and your state.

It cannot be stressed enough that numbers matter; we need representation from every congressional district in North Texas. 

Don't worry about jumping off the bus and not knowing what to do. Bike Texas will provide a thorough briefing on hot topics as well as tips and techniques for meeting and communicating with your legislators. They will also organize groups according to their legislative districts. It’s also OK if you just want to be a smiling face with a bicycling pin! Your interest and presence speaks volumes to your representatives.

BikeDFW has made arrangements for one-day, round-trip chartered bus trips from both Dallas and Fort Worth to Austin to participate in Cyclists in Suits for the very reasonable cost of $30 per person.  The buses are luxury coaches and we will serve breakfast and coffee on board.

Dress: The name says it all, formal office attire makes the best impression and helps to break down the lycra stereotype, allowing for more effective communication. You can wear more casual clothes on the bus and change upon arrival, that is up to you.

Dallas area departure location: Richardson Bike Mart (SE corner, Coit and Campbell, Richardson)

Fort Worth area departure location: Trinity Bicycles (343 Throckmorton, Fort Worth)

Departure Time from both locations: 5:00am

Estimated return to both locations: 9:00pm

Purchase your ticket for Fort Worth or Dallas departure below.

Schedule in Austin:

The agenda per Bike Texas is as follows (more details on the Bike Texas site:

8:30am – Beginning Brief  (Capitol Extension, Room E1.004)

Get briefed on the important issues and learn best practices for meeting with legislators.

9:30am – Meet your Legislators (through mid-afternoon)

Visit legislative offices and meet with legislators and their staff about the Complete Streets Bill and other bills of concern to Texas cyclists. In the course of the day, we will see the House or the Senate in session. We'll take a group photo with the capitol as our backdrop.

Lunch – Capital Grill (expect about $10 per person)

4:00 pm -- Happy Hour (Bike Texas HQ at 1902 E 6th St.)

Depart Austin: approximately 5:30 pm

March 25, 2013 at 5am - 9pm
Texas State Capitol in Austin
Mike Emmons ·

Will you come?

$30.00 Fort Worth to Austin Round Trip Bus Ticket
Luxury coach excursion from Fort Worth to Ausint and return (incluses on-board breakfast)

$30.00 Dallas to Austin Round Trip Bus Ticket
Luxury coach trip from Dallas to Austin and return (includes on-board breakfast)

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I just now heard about it. It’s too short notice for me, but I’m interested. I think you should arrange a teleconference too, for any “important” people in other cities that cannot make it (perhaps bike shop owners, city hall members, police officials, or other influential people if they are pro-bike).
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Please RSVP: Cyclists in Suits
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I think all is well now! If anyone has an issue signing up, please post up here or contact Mike at the email address above!
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