Cycling Advocates Injured in Hit & Run while Cycling in Dallas

Many of you have heard about the incident that occurred on March 3rd when two cycling advocates were hit by the driver of a pickup truck who ran a red light near Baylor Medical Center in Dallas:

BikeDFW has drafted a letter that you can use to contact the City of Dallas Mayor, City Council, and Police Department. (Thanks also to Eliot Landrum & Zachary Wainwright Ford for their contributions)


I'm writing in regards to incident # 0051194-A. This was a hit and run at Gaston and Hall near Baylor Medical Center, March 3, 2013. The two cyclists involved are lucky to be alive after a being hit by a pickup truck driver who ran a red light.

The bicycling community is concerned about crashes between motor vehicles and bicycles. These incidents may be viewed by motor vehicle drivers, law enforcement, and prosecutors as “tragic accidents” rather than events that should be treated as any other crash between vehicles. If someone runs a red light or Stop sign and hits a bicyclist, the ticket and charges should be the same as if the car driver hits another motor vehicle.

Even handed and diligent enforcement will help create the awareness necessary to prevent many of these crashes. Please assure us that the City of Dallas, the Police Department, and Prosecutor's Office take this seriously.

We already have the laws required to prosecute drivers who blatantly disobey traffic control devices and commit hit-and-run crimes. Our city leaders need to stand up and say NO MORE.

I look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you for your service to the City of Dallas.


City of Dallas Contacts: (Email Mayor Mike Rawlings, plus your city council person, or all of them)




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Filing closed on Monday for the new candidates. I’m not sure if the names are available yet.
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If anybody has contact info for the new Dallas City Council candidates, please leave a comment. It’s good for the cycling community to know where they stand on issues of importance to us.
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Can I just clarify – are you recommending that we send to ALL the above names? Or just find our particular reps/candidates and email them? Thanks.
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Please add to the list:

Jared is very involved in bicycle issues, and Keith is Jared and Max’s boss.
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Thank you for putting this together!
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